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Balloon Walls

Nothing brings the drama like a mesmerizing balloon wall. The perfect backdrop for any event.

Balloon walls have been taking the party world by storm with the uniqueness and customization that is available for any event.

Cost Breakdown

We introduce our balloon walls at a minimum size of 8ftx8ft; however they are available in larger sizes. There are two style variations to choose from:

Primped Up: $700- Latex Only Balloons in various colors and sizes to compliment the theme.

Decked out: $850- Latex and Foil Balloon mixture to compliment the theme.

Price includes on-site setup and delivery (additional delivery fee of $75 incurred outside of 25 mile radius)

How does the magic happen?

Send us a message and we will give you an estimate. An onsite visit may be necessary for accuracy of estimate.

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