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Fashion Balloon Garlands

A collection of balloons in various colors and sizes artfully combined into something your guests will talk about for months!

These custom, made-to-order organic balloon garlands add drama anywhere you chose to have them installed.

To Create a Garland

  • Pick your thickness: Cocktail or Primped Up
  • Pick your length
  • Choose your fun foil add ons, if any!

Fashion Balloon Garland Pricing:

There are two thicknesses to choose from

• $20ft Cocktail Garland (thinner) 5”-18” all-latex balloon assortment

• $30ft primped up (thicker)5”-36” all-latex balloon assortment

• Foil Balloons are priced individually

• We are happy to add blooms to the balloons- for more information, inquire via email

• For Balloon Walls inquire via email

Delivery and Installation

• Installation Fee is $50+ depending on size of the garland and amount of add-ons.

• There is a $25 delivery fee within a 25 mile radius of 75207.

• Outside of our 25 mile radius, the delivery is $40.

• Or, you can choose to pick up your piece at 2606 Irving Blvd.

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